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Celebrate February!

In addition to February hosting Ground Hog’s Day and African-American History Month, it’s also grand marshal to Sinus Pain Awareness and my personal favorite—Termite Awareness.


Huh? Am I celebrating termites or just going out of my way to locate them and give them a little shout-out? No doubt pest control providers everywhere are doing the end zone dance, after all who doesn’t like an excuse to shake it up and get down.


Celebration is a good thing and we can do that in small ways every day.


When I look up from my desk, the first thing I see is a beautiful photo of tulips taken by my sister. I smile every time my eyes peek above my computer screen and catch a glimpse of those orange, yellow and pink flowers.


My sister’s photo is tacked next to those tulips and I’m reminded that we have such a good time when we’re together. We’re silly, loud and laugh a lot.

That’s something to celebrate.

What makes you smile today? Look around, no—really, look and notice what you don’t see. A thriving plant, a sticky note with an endearing message or maybe just a clean home might make you grin.

Enjoy the moment. Celebrate.

I can’t wait until March when we honor National Peanut Month—now that’s something I can sink my teeth into.

Lucky for me only my condo board has to worry about those pesky termites.