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Better Life Through Personal Development

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Non-Verbal Communication…a Hug!

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Why Confidenced is So Important


Confidence is often the first thing we notice about someone. We might think its body parts that get attention (and sometimes that’s true) but confidence has more impact.

Confidence is the energy that tells the world you are self-assured and self-reliant.

Confidence is not arrogance.  Arrogance is about self-importance whereas confidence is about making others feel important while retaining a high level of self-respect.

Entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and small business owners need a high level of confidence to succeed. A sense of overall confidence keeps you going when faced with challenges.

Confidence is having freedom from doubt…and that’s sweet!

Work from Home — Inspiration from the Kitchen Table

My mother’s “work from home” job was as task master, chaos controller, budget stretcher and organizational mom-sailingwizard for her seven kids. She took great pride in her mothering and homemaking skills and-like many people whose careers define them-lived with a degree of anxiety that a crack in the veneer would expose her as a fraud.

In the fifties and sixties, our kitchen table was base camp for art projects, school work and holiday-cookie decorating. No matter how many crayons, paste pots, glitter jars or paper maiche mountains littered the table the whole shebang was always put away before dinner. The table cloth was wiped down and the chairs were pushed-in. Pristine.

Not so below the surface. The underside of the long, oval table, its topside rarely seen without its fuzzy-backed-printed-vinyl tablecloth, was the repository Read more

Intuition–The Decision Making Difference

The best decision making involves three elements–logic, common sense and intuition. 1108003_say_what1

Most decision making involves weighing the pros and cons related to possible outcomes. While this involves both logic and common sense it fails to consider the most critical factor-intuition.

Insight, Instinct or Intuition. Call it what you will but without involving the natural ability of our minds and bodies to indicate what’s most important we fail to honor who we are. Intuition is the barometer for what feels right and what we know without knowing why we know.

Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, examines how choices can be made in an instant and why the best decisions are often those that are unexplainable to others.

Here are five things to practice if you want to add insight to your decision making:

  1. If you regularly make a pros and cons list, practice adding a third column labeled “what I know” to prompt your inner knowing.
  2. Give yourself permission to practice and to be wrong. Information overload can easily confuse a feeling or message.
  3. Carve out quiet time. Meditation sounds like work but ten minutes of quiet, non-activity time sounds like relief. Release the pressure to quiet your mind.
  4. Practice being present rather than trying to quiet your mind. This practice works well while you’re performing a mundane task.
  5. Don’t dismiss anything you feel or hear or see or smell. Notice what comes up first. Take note of it–write down any images that flash. Ask for more clarity. Become a student.

Imagine that you already know the answer. Have some fun with this practice-don’t make it another item on your to-do list. Our sixth sense has a sense of humor, go ahead and enjoy it.
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Michael Losier’s LOA Program Inspires NY Audience

I had the privilege of helping my sister host Michael Losier last week in his NY appearance. His Law of Attraction program was well received and the audience was clearly involved in the presentation. Losier has honed his LOA process930872_freedom-bird down to a science and the often challenging NY audience paid rapt attention.

Losier’s new book, The Law of Connection,  sold well and I recommend it as a both a resource and a training outline for NLP and communication skills seminar leaders.

My sister’s effort at producing this event was herculean. I was also impressed by Losier’s  graciousness at acknowledging the difficulties of getting New Yorker’s (or other large city inhabitants) to commit time and money up front to attend anything. It’s a shame really, as the the information and the clarity in which he presents the Law of Attraction works for anyone – personally or professionally.

Thank you, Michael, it was an honor.

Creativity – Your Soul’s Calling

“Age is something that doesn’t matter unless you are a cheese.photo_4475_20090209watercolorbrush

–Billie Burke (1886-1970) American Actress

Every now and again when I feel a twinge of doubt creep into my soul, I seek an inspirational quote or story to snap me out of it.

The above quote got me thinking about “late bloomers”-those whose talents don’t burst open until later in life.  The list includes:

Julia Childs – who published her first book at 49.

Laura Ingalls Wilder – whose first book Little House in the Big Woods came out when she was 65

Colonel Sanders – who didn’t franchise Kentucky Fried Chicken until he was 65

Grandmas Moses – who started painting in her 70’s

I celebrated a birthday at the beginning of the year and started a new venture at the same time.  I questioned my sanity about embarking on another career at this age. (If you haven’t figured it out I’m AARP eligible and then some.)

But here I am. Thirsty for learning and hungry for the challenge. Eager to express something creative. Grateful for the opportunity to express something that hasn’t had an outlet for expression until now. As Susan Boyle stated to Simon Cowell on Britain’s Got Talent–“I guess I never had the opportunity.”

What creativity do you need to share with the world? What hobby have you always wanted to try, but kept putting off? What talent has been lurking beneath the surface that needs to bloom? Stop hiding. Share your talents or explore new avenues for expression. Besides, who are you to deny us your talent. Get out there and shine.

As Barbara Sher says, “It’s Only Too Late If You Don’t Start Now.”

Success – Stop Everything!

dreamredflagSuccess rarely, if ever, follows a gentle path. It’s the pebbles and fissures on the road to success that keep us alert and force us to grow.

“The grape-she loves the struggle,” is how one vintner described what was needed to produce wine-worthy fruit.

He was referring to the arid soil of his vineyard that forced the vine to work a bit harder to flourish.

It’s when we encounter potholes large enough to house a family of five that the possibility for success seems unlikely if we continue along the same route. The bigger the challenges, the easier it is to succumb to the frustrations, overwhelms and disappointments as a sign to surrender.

And, occasionally that’s true.

So go ahead and surrender-but not Read more

Attraction Success for Everyone

It’s no “secret” that staying on the “attraction” road is a lot easier when there are guardrails–or better yet958680_present_box a monorail track.

The road to attracting what you want from life is best traveled with a disciplined partner or adviser. Coaches, master-mind colleagues, or accountability partners are good travel mates.  For those that find that a travel partner is not enough,  a more structured program may be worth the investment.

The Jack Canfields,  Lisa Nichols, Michael Losiers of the world did not get where they are alone.

Everyone of them endorses the value of having mentors to advise, prompt, inspire or simply provide needed answers when the path is rocky. But the law of attraction is more than wishful thinking or verbal affirmations. It involves what I call full body engagement.

A profound “feeling” is required and getting there takes a mind-set shift. Getting into that “whole body feeling” is different than having emotions. You must become that person that already has what you desire.

If you can really get yourself into that state consistently and hold it for a time you will begin to attract the things you really want in your life.

Try it and if you need more guidance find a coach or trainer skilled in helping you attract more or what you do want in your life.

Communication and Change


Bless me world for I have sinned. It’s been several months since my last communication. I thought my last post might have been my swan song. But . . . you never know.

A change for the better.The last few months have been spent creating a business where I can use my gifts and talents in a way that is helpful for others. In particular, helpful to those people that want, need and can pay for the wisdom and benefits of said talents.

No easy task indeed. Some people just know what they are suppose to share with the world and others know the how but not the what. Let me explain. I’m supposed to teach. Not kids, but adults and more specifically business people. The teaching is the “how”, yet the “what” was unclear for me.

I knew the big topic was communication skills. I also knew that the story around that subject was the message that “you choose your response to any situation.” That’s how this blog started-a need to express my dreams for a better life (once again) after experiencing a few more rounds of “stuff happens.” Fun venue, but it didn’t butter the bread.

A few wrong turns, a couple of detours, several weeks of teeth gnashing and a bit of progress is beginning to show. A new enterprise (or two) is in the works-which gets back to why “help yourself” . . . was abandoned. I missed this placed. I needed to share some musings-yet, it’s no guarantee I’ll be back for good. Stay tuned.