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5 Shortcuts to Make Travel Less Challenging

954283_sea_compass_2Travelers are always looking for ways to maximize their time and minimize annoyances.

Whether you’re new to  life-on-the-road or a seasoned pro I’ve discovered 5 shortcuts that make packing
easier and travel more enjoyable.

5 Shortcuts that Make Travel Less Challenging

  1. Keep a list or photos of your clothing and accessories. This will provide identification if luggage is lost or stolen. It also expedites packing for your next trip.
  1. Use the layer and nest method of packing. Limit colors—this eases the number of garments and shoes you need to pack and helps achieve a more pulled-together look. Pack shoes covered in flannel shoe mitts at the bottom of your bag (place the heaviest pair wheel-side) and along the seams. Place your toiletries bag or shave kit in the middle. Fill spaces with socks or rolled items. Cover these items with a cleaner bag. Start with trousers open and centered on the cleaner bag (the legs will be draped over the side.)  Layer garments inside and end by folding the trouser legs and the waistband over each other. Place a layer of tissue paper between your garments. This method keeps clothing wrinkle-free and prevents shifting. Place a cleaner bag on top as an added layer of protection from the elements and baggage malfunctions.
  1. Develop a capsule wardrobe plan—one that can travel between climates. Multi-city travel can easily involve a huge swing in weather and environments. Tropical weight wools travel well and layer easily. Women should pack a lightweight wrap in their carry-on luggage for cabin comfort and cool meeting rooms.
  1. Ask about terry robes—good hotels will provide them even if you aren’t staying on the executive or concierge floor.  Just ask.
  1. If you are staying in a business district, ask if a neighboring office building has a food court. You can find delightful food choices and save money.  Pack healthy cereal in individual baggies. Request a bowl and add fruit from the buffet table to cut fat and sugar.

Bonus tip—ask upfront for the best room. This works especially well for convention travel where you are booked into a block of rooms at a reduced rate. These rooms are often small and inconveniently located. Be assertive and polite. Appropriate humor helps.

Use these shortcut tips and you can boost the speed and enjoyment of your next trip—business or pleasure.