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Working Writer’s Coaching Program

954276_compasses_1If you’re a writer without a compass you might need Suzanne Lieurance – the Working Writer’s Coach to help you chart your course.  Suzanne is one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with even though my passion leans more toward speaking than writing.  Let me tell you why I loved the Working Writer’s Coaching  Program.

First, the Working Writer’s Coaching Program is a 12-week program. No slacking here just pure immersion into the business of becoming a working writer.  Most freelancers or solopreneurs have a vision only for the outcome of their passion but rarely for the details of the daily business that leads to the outcome.

This is where Suzanne comes in. The 12-week intensive gives you the structure,  the planning tools and the system you need to develop the habits required to become a working writer.  Not sure where to find markets, how to develop a marketing plan and or how to write winning queries and cover letters–then invest in this program.

Second, you get Suzanne’s coaching. A skilled coach, mentor and well, butt-kicker in exactly the way you need a coach to be.  She’s insightful, intelligent and passionate about helping others become profitable working writers.  Suzanne is also a prolific and successful writer and children’s book author.  In other-words she practices what she preaches.

If you’re a writer who has the desire to make a living from your passion then you must enroll in the Working Writer’s Coaching Program.