Get Reconnected to Your Passion and Purpose

If you’ve recently lost touch with your passion and purpose in life then it’s time to get reconnected. coconut-grove-048

Julia Cameron of Artist’s Way fame prescribes a weekly artist date with yourself. Take a painting or pottery class. Go for a walk in the park to smell the roses or spend your lunch break at a local museum. Any creative activity will do as long as it’s different from your daily work.

This weekend I attended a local art festival. The weather was delightful, the crowds considerate, the energy postive and the art plentiful.

Yes, I know it’s February and not particularly pedestrian friendly in many parts of the country (or world) but you can still surround yourself with good energy and beautiful things.

Go inside if you need to but don’t dismiss a stroll on the beach bundled against the cold or a walk in in the park at dusk during a gentle snowfall.

Nature has a way of healing and connecting us to spirit like nothing else. Be present to your suroundings. Notice the sound of your footsteps, the silence of the falling snow or the crash of waves on the shore.

Take yourself on a date. Get out of your head and into our heart. Let art and nature do their magic. Your passion and purpose will fill you up.

Try it.

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