Need Some Inspiration to Get Started or Keep Going?

“Age is something that doesn’t matter unless you are a cheese.”2546940clock
Billie Burke (1886-1970)
American Actress

Every now and again when I feel a twinge of doubt creep into my soul, I go find some quotes or stories to snap me out of it.

The above quote got me thinking about “late bloomers”–those whose talents don’t burst open until later in life. The list includes:

Julia Childs – who published her first book at 49.

Laura Ingalls Wilder – whose first book Little House in the Big Woods came out when she was 65

Colonel Sanders – who didn’t franchise Kentucky Fried Chicken until he was 65

Grandmas Moses – who started painting in her 70’s

I celebrated a birthday a few weeks ago and yes, it got me thinking about whether I was crazy to start another career.

But here I am.

What creativity do you need to share with the world? What hobby have you always wanted to try, but kept putting off?

What talent has been lurking beneath the surface that needs bloom?

Step out today. Do one brave thing. You’ll feel the tingle of being alive.

As Barbar Sher’s says, “It’s Only Too Late If You Don’t Start Now.”

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