Personal Growth – Getting Focused

hand-sign-2b6I’ve been changing my habits lately and learning how to focus on a single project rather than multi-tasking (a false notion if there ever was one). Personal growth is often a second attempt at childhood lessons that failed to stick. The following story is a case-in-point.

With nine people sharing a single bathroom, I was grateful for two things—my turn and hot water.  The hot water pipes in our little cape cod ran through the furnace instead of through a water tank which meant a continuous supply.  That was the good news.

Unfortunately, it also meant only one source of water (tap, toilet, shower) could be used at once. In-other-words, you couldn’t take a shower while someone else was trying to flush the toilet without expecting an icy blast or a scalding burn mid-shampoo.  It was just foolish thinking.

Even if you thought you had planned your timing perfectly, it was likely you would be met with surprise. You just never knew when a sibling (probably male) would barge in to use the facilities even while you were attempting to bath (in answer to those of you who were wondering how,  if there was only one bathroom, could the shower and toilet be employed at the same time – that’s how.)

Anyway, putting your efforts into a single task for a concentrated length of time (try a kitchen timer) really does make a difference in productivity.

Try it. It’s not foolish thinking.

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