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Intuition–The Decision Making Difference

The best decision making involves three elements–logic, common sense and intuition. 1108003_say_what1

Most decision making involves weighing the pros and cons related to possible outcomes. While this involves both logic and common sense it fails to consider the most critical factor-intuition.

Insight, Instinct or Intuition. Call it what you will but without involving the natural ability of our minds and bodies to indicate what’s most important we fail to honor who we are. Intuition is the barometer for what feels right and what we know without knowing why we know.

Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, examines how choices can be made in an instant and why the best decisions are often those that are unexplainable to others.

Here are five things to practice if you want to add insight to your decision making:

  1. If you regularly make a pros and cons list, practice adding a third column labeled “what I know” to prompt your inner knowing.
  2. Give yourself permission to practice and to be wrong. Information overload can easily confuse a feeling or message.
  3. Carve out quiet time. Meditation sounds like work but ten minutes of quiet, non-activity time sounds like relief. Release the pressure to quiet your mind.
  4. Practice being present rather than trying to quiet your mind. This practice works well while you’re performing a mundane task.
  5. Don’t dismiss anything you feel or hear or see or smell. Notice what comes up first. Take note of it–write down any images that flash. Ask for more clarity. Become a student.

Imagine that you already know the answer. Have some fun with this practice-don’t make it another item on your to-do list. Our sixth sense has a sense of humor, go ahead and enjoy it.
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Live Law of Attraction

Michael Losier’s book, Law of Attraction, gives a straightforward look at the science behind attrasos-button-b3jcting more of what you want in your life and less of what you don’t want.

Deliberate Attraction is a powerful force at work in your life whether you believe in or not. Whatever energy you put forth to the universe, through thought, words and feelings is what you’ll receive back into your life.

Losier says that if you find yourself attracting angry people, cranky customers, and stressful situations, you might want to consider what you are focusing on most of the time.

Good time for a little reality check. Are you anger, frustrated, cranky and stressed?

Do you want more clients, yet focus on your lack of customers?

Do you desire better communication with your spouse, partner, kids or business associates yet spend hours feeling anger or frustrated about those relationships?

Most of time, we are not conscious of our thoughts on an emotional level. And, the energy we send out is from those emotions.

Consider how frequently you go through a day with clenched fists, a tight jaw or raised shoulders without realizing it until someone makes a comment. The universe complies with your true feelings and gives you a headache and stiff neck, just as you requested.

Yes, your emotions and your body are connected. No mystery there. The Law of Attraction is like gravity, it’s always at work like it or not.

Wouldn’t it be powerful if you could tap into it and deliberately change your attractions? Losier provides some simple steps to help get you aligned.

Even if you don’t quite believe in it, consider Law of Attraction like any other belief. It might not be true but just in case it is you might as well take some precautions.

If you want to know more about living The Law of Attraction or attend a seminar go to Live Law of Attraction.com.

I Wonder What I’ll Learn Today

I wonder why everyone wants to talk but no one wants to listen. Just watch Celebrity Apprentice to see the perfect example.1108003_say_what

I wonder why interrupters “know” what someone is going to say but aren’t very intuitive about anything else.

I wonder why communication “breaks down” everyday. Is this the grand lesson we never get to master?

I wonder why “the first, most important thing to do” always follows the thing you’re actually doing.

I wonder where interesting words have gone. Is ennui too lazy to make an appearance?Is lugubrious too grief-stricken to rise from the dead? Does oracular feel too shrouded in mystery to grace us with its presence?

I wonder if we’re here to hear.

I wonder if “presence” is really the present.

 I wonder why, when I’ve immersed myself in “self-growth,” I’m still not five foot tall.

Listening to Intuition – There’s Much to Learn

Yesterday I was sitting on my porch writing. There are few distractions there 4245578park-benchand I enjoy the expansive view of Turkey Lake from my four-story perch.

Occasionally, I can hear the rhythm of skate boards on the concrete path, the buzz of leaf blowers when the landscapers are working and the animated voices of cell phone chatterers who can’t seem to take a stroll alone.

What I heard yesterday was the sound of rustling paper and the tumble of charcoal falling into the lone grill parked just off the corner of the path, before it loops around for a U-turn. The grill is for the convenience of condo owners, but it is rarely used.

Curiosity got the best of me.

After all it was mid-afternoon, mid-week, not exactly rush-hour for barbequing. Read more