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Self Growth – This Too Shall Pass

ProvsToday I am selling my deceased parents house. This was a retirement home for them–not a house I ever lived in. If there is an emotional connection to this closing it would only be because it wasn’t done sooner.

I’ll be glad to close the book on this saga–it wasn’t a happy series of experiences. Yet, it does cause a nagging feeling about some situations that could have been handled differently. Not regrets so much as evaluations from a different heart.

The more time passes the more such events (deaths, job losses, moves) become internal growth rings rather than external turmoil. Criticism folds into itself and evaporates leaving just a misty hint of what all the fuss was about. It’s time to go.

Rest in peace.

Terri Levine – Guru of Coaching – Speaker Training

Terri LevineThe guru of coaching, Terri Levine,  hosted a speaker training this past Thursday in Philadelphia for coaches, entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Iv’e been to many speaker training programs but never one like this.

First Terri, never presents the same program twice.  Second, the information is always current to the marketplace–I mean now–not six months ago.  And third, the opportunity to practice  the concepts presented and apply them before you leave the room provides immediate results.

This program was less “speaker training” and more “how to present yourself powerfully.”  Whether it was story telling, selling from the front-of -the-room or expressing yourself authentically, Terri showed you how and then nudged you to do it on-the-spot – no rehearsal or planning or scripting.  Just do it!

Marketing and joint venturing are the keys to business success and Terri Levine practices what she preaches.  Those that attend her sessions are among the most generous people I’ve ever met.  People that are willing to share not just resources, information,  and knowledge, but immediate,  tangible support and  honest evaluations.

Often, after attending other programs or conferences it’s up to you to figure out what to keep and what to toss, who to work with and who you can support.  With Terri Levine’s sessions you’re not only clear about what to do next you’re actually doing it before you leave and with a support team already in place.

Communicating with Relatives and Others

1000269_question__markYour communication skills, especially listening, are tested the most with family.

I’m in Indiana this week visiting relatives of my main squeeze–the perfect opportunity to practice what I preach.

Good communication requires listening and staying present and engaged in the dialogue.  Asking sincere questions is the best way to gentle nudge a conversation along.

To keep the conversation from sounding like an interrogation try repeating the last word or two spoken with a question mark on the end.  It invites more information in a gentle way.

For example, if Aunt Shirley’s last few words are . . .”Bob’s sister used to live in this area.”  You reply  “…in this area?”

This is enough for Aunt Shirley to expound. . .”yes, this area  was quite beautiful before the flood.  You…”the flood?”

Are you getting the gist? It’s quite simple and takes the angst out of trying to find something in common to talk about.

Try it. You might be surprised at how interesting YOU become when you haven’t spoken more than a few  words and phrases.

Michael Losier’s LOA Program Inspires NY Audience

I had the privilege of helping my sister host Michael Losier last week in his NY appearance. His Law of Attraction program was well received and the audience was clearly involved in the presentation. Losier has honed his LOA process930872_freedom-bird down to a science and the often challenging NY audience paid rapt attention.

Losier’s new book, The Law of Connection,  sold well and I recommend it as a both a resource and a training outline for NLP and communication skills seminar leaders.

My sister’s effort at producing this event was herculean. I was also impressed by Losier’s  graciousness at acknowledging the difficulties of getting New Yorker’s (or other large city inhabitants) to commit time and money up front to attend anything. It’s a shame really, as the the information and the clarity in which he presents the Law of Attraction works for anyone – personally or professionally.

Thank you, Michael, it was an honor.

Connection–The New Law of Attraction

51nwgzqrzcl_sl160_connection Connection may be the new word for communication. Law of Connection: The Science of Using NLP to Create Ideal Personal and Professional Relationships is also the new book by Michael Losier, the author of The Law of Attraction. Losier will début the book at his New York appearance on June 11, 2009. Losier, an NLP practitioner, simplifies the principles of neuro-linguistic programming into exercises, scripts and tips for creating ideal personal and professional relationships. Tons of examples and exercises make applying and integrating NLP into your life a simple process. Connection the ability to create rapport with anyone at any time-a key skill for today’s high tech-low touch world. Get connected!