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Terri Levine – Guru of Coaching – Speaker Training

Terri LevineThe guru of coaching, Terri Levine,  hosted a speaker training this past Thursday in Philadelphia for coaches, entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Iv’e been to many speaker training programs but never one like this.

First Terri, never presents the same program twice.  Second, the information is always current to the marketplace–I mean now–not six months ago.  And third, the opportunity to practice  the concepts presented and apply them before you leave the room provides immediate results.

This program was less “speaker training” and more “how to present yourself powerfully.”  Whether it was story telling, selling from the front-of -the-room or expressing yourself authentically, Terri showed you how and then nudged you to do it on-the-spot – no rehearsal or planning or scripting.  Just do it!

Marketing and joint venturing are the keys to business success and Terri Levine practices what she preaches.  Those that attend her sessions are among the most generous people I’ve ever met.  People that are willing to share not just resources, information,  and knowledge, but immediate,  tangible support and  honest evaluations.

Often, after attending other programs or conferences it’s up to you to figure out what to keep and what to toss, who to work with and who you can support.  With Terri Levine’s sessions you’re not only clear about what to do next you’re actually doing it before you leave and with a support team already in place.

5 Shortcuts to Make Travel Less Challenging

954283_sea_compass_2Travelers are always looking for ways to maximize their time and minimize annoyances.

Whether you’re new to  life-on-the-road or a seasoned pro I’ve discovered 5 shortcuts that make packing
easier and travel more enjoyable.

5 Shortcuts that Make Travel Less Challenging

  1. Keep a list or photos of your clothing and accessories. This will provide identification if luggage is lost or stolen. It also expedites packing for your next trip.
  1. Use the layer and nest method of packing. Limit colors—this eases the number of garments and shoes you need to pack and helps achieve a more pulled-together look. Pack shoes covered in flannel shoe mitts at the bottom of your bag (place the heaviest pair wheel-side) and along the seams. Place your toiletries bag or shave kit in the middle. Fill spaces with socks or rolled items. Cover these items with a cleaner bag. Start with trousers open and centered on the cleaner bag (the legs will be draped over the side.)  Layer garments inside and end by folding the trouser legs and the waistband over each other. Place a layer of tissue paper between your garments. This method keeps clothing wrinkle-free and prevents shifting. Place a cleaner bag on top as an added layer of protection from the elements and baggage malfunctions.
  1. Develop a capsule wardrobe plan—one that can travel between climates. Multi-city travel can easily involve a huge swing in weather and environments. Tropical weight wools travel well and layer easily. Women should pack a lightweight wrap in their carry-on luggage for cabin comfort and cool meeting rooms.
  1. Ask about terry robes—good hotels will provide them even if you aren’t staying on the executive or concierge floor.  Just ask.
  1. If you are staying in a business district, ask if a neighboring office building has a food court. You can find delightful food choices and save money.  Pack healthy cereal in individual baggies. Request a bowl and add fruit from the buffet table to cut fat and sugar.

Bonus tip—ask upfront for the best room. This works especially well for convention travel where you are booked into a block of rooms at a reduced rate. These rooms are often small and inconveniently located. Be assertive and polite. Appropriate humor helps.

Use these shortcut tips and you can boost the speed and enjoyment of your next trip—business or pleasure.

LOA Guru – Michael Losier in New York June 11, 2009

Applying the Law of Attraction to Your Life

Learn the art of Deliberate Attraction in one session.

Learn this 3-step method with Michael Losier, author ofafter_walking_on_air

Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t

Thursday, June 11, 2009 6-9 pm in NYC

Purchase tickets at: www.LiveLawofAttraction.com

Start attracting the people, situations and relationships that you want into your life.

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Don’t miss this interactive high-content training session and expect to learn the tools and information you need to tap into the Law of Deliberate Attraction.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009  6-9pm

Church of St. Paul the Apostle

60th at Columbus Circle

New York, NY

Only $49 – Workbook included

Michael Losier is an NLP Practitioner and a Law of Attraction Trainer and Professional Speaker enjoying his life in Victoria, B.C. Michael is a radio and TV talk-show guest and a frequent keynote speaker and seminar leader.

“The Success Principles” a Reference Book for Life

photo_3494_20090110open-bookI’ve been a fan of Jack Canfield before he became a super-star in the “Achievement” market. Yes, Jack Canfield is the co-creator of the “Chicken Soup Series” phenomenon, but that was never the source of my enthusiasm.

What initiated my fervor was a book published in 1995 called ‘The Aladdin Factor’ , written by Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. The premise of this little tome is about asking for anything-something I struggled with at the time. My now yellowed copy is dog-eared, highlighted and post-noted to this day. Every now and again I pull it off the shelf as a reminder that I don’t have to know everything; I only have to know that it’s okay to ask for help, for support, for money, for the sale, for anything.

Ten years, many books and mega-fame later, Canfield wrote The Success Principles(TM): How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be with Janet Switzer. Equally dog-eared and post-noted, this voulume is stashed close-at-hand as a life resource. The sixty-four principles are supported with stories an dhow-to’s.  A random pick of any page and something  I read is going to give me an a-ha moment.

Right now I flipped open to page 157 (dog-eared) and the topic is “the most valuable question you may ever learn.” Wonder what that is? . . .

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Help Yourself to a Better Life!

alp_1184xtwitsmallerDo you know the feeling you get when you’re about to embark on a new venture? That mix of eagerness, anticipation and sheer terror is the feeling I’m talking about. That’s the feeling I’m embracing as I begin this blog.

Help Yourself to a Better Life
is dedicated to helping you create a more fulfilling life–physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Perhaps you’re already living a rich life and just need a daily reminder to be grateful. Or maybe you’re feeling a little lost and need some coaching or inspiration. Either way you’ve come to the right place.

Whether your dealing with a loss, deciding to act on a dream, or simply looking to regain a sense of own soul, we’ll explore options, inspirations and sources to help.

I begin this journey holding fast to my desire to create a like-minded community.  A community willing to help themselves to a better life. I invite you to join me.