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Working Writer’s Coaching Program

954276_compasses_1If you’re a writer without a compass you might need Suzanne Lieurance – the Working Writer’s Coach to help you chart your course.  Suzanne is one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with even though my passion leans more toward speaking than writing.  Let me tell you why I loved the Working Writer’s Coaching  Program.

First, the Working Writer’s Coaching Program is a 12-week program. No slacking here just pure immersion into the business of becoming a working writer.  Most freelancers or solopreneurs have a vision only for the outcome of their passion but rarely for the details of the daily business that leads to the outcome.

This is where Suzanne comes in. The 12-week intensive gives you the structure,  the planning tools and the system you need to develop the habits required to become a working writer.  Not sure where to find markets, how to develop a marketing plan and or how to write winning queries and cover letters–then invest in this program.

Second, you get Suzanne’s coaching. A skilled coach, mentor and well, butt-kicker in exactly the way you need a coach to be.  She’s insightful, intelligent and passionate about helping others become profitable working writers.  Suzanne is also a prolific and successful writer and children’s book author.  In other-words she practices what she preaches.

If you’re a writer who has the desire to make a living from your passion then you must enroll in the Working Writer’s Coaching Program.

Success Tips for Growth – 7 Factors to Focus ON

698517_dancingAre you seeking ways to nurture your personal growth? Continuing education, conferences, DVD/CD programs and coaching are all great ways to improve yourself—but don’t neglect looking inside yourself first.

The difficult questions and the best answers lie within you. If you’re committed to self-development review the following key factors and note where you might be falling short.

Be Responsible – Ask yourself if you own up to every action, every word and every thought you make. Do you give away responsibility with language peppered with “There was a lot of traffic. . .” or “There’s nothing I can do about it.”

Tell the Truth – This isn’t so easy, is it? Tell the truth walks hand-in-hand with being responsible to form a base of integrity. For one full day, pay attention to every slight falsehood you utter.

Show Up – Are you “present” in each moment and with each person you encounter?  Show up for yourself, your kids, your clients and everyone else. This doesn’t mean that you give yourself away or spread yourself too thin.

Work Hard – Working smart usually doesn’t come until after you’ve worked hard to get smart enough to work smarter!

Be Coachable – Keep your ears wide open and your mouth closed. Ask for and listen to feedback. Act accordingly.

Play Well with Others – Self explanatory. You don’t have to be friends with everyone but you do need to know how to get along with others.  Everyone does not think the same way that you do. Learn to communicate in the way others want to be communicated with, not just the way you like to communicate.

Don’t Get Sick – “Well, that’s not in my control” . . . I can hear it now. Practice good health and take care of your appearance everyday. Do the things you know are good for and let go of the habits that are killing you. Start by adding one good habit and release one harmful habit, rather than trying to change everything at once. If you do get sick, take immediate steps to get well quickly. Avoid making others ill—wash your hands frequently and stay home if you need to.

Get Real – Practice getting truthful with yourself and you’ll develop awareness. Awareness is the ability to see yourself and your intentions before you act. This alone will change your life.

Personal growth is a life-long process. Embrace the challenges and go with the flow rather than fight change.

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Self Growth / Personal Development – Get Started Now!

untitledLive Your Life Out Loud: 30 Ways to Get Started

Today’s article by Sonya Derian, owner/founder of Om Freely

“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I will tell you, I came to Live Out LOUD.” ~Émile Zola

1. Live your life on purpose. Not on “DEFAULT “. Be Proactive. Make conscious and deliberate choices. When you don’t choose, circumstances choose for you and you are never leading: you are following or catching up, or worse, living in “default” mode. Instead, make a decision to be the leader in your own life and take front and center. Lead.

2. Utilize your full potential. Give what you’re doing your best and fullest attention. Be here now. Even if you’re not where you want to be, giving it half your effort doesn’t move you forward. Master what you have at hand, for the sake of mastering it, and something will shift. Give it what you’ve got.

3. Overcome your fear. Get out of your comfort zone. Find out you have a pulse. Let something give you butterflies in your stomach. This is how you know you’re alive – how you grow into something new. Every fear overcome is a freedom gained. The less afraid you are,the more room you have to play. Consider that you live in a huge mansion with 35 rooms but you only live in 3 of the rooms because the rest of the house is dark. Go in and open all the lights. Unveil the darkness and you have a bigger house to play in. Don’t know how to overcome fear? Do the thing you’re afraid of. Cross them off the list. Make it a game. Pretty soon, you will be invincible. Living a life out loud, is living a life of freedom. Living a life of freedom is good.

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Personal Growth – Getting Focused

hand-sign-2b6I’ve been changing my habits lately and learning how to focus on a single project rather than multi-tasking (a false notion if there ever was one). Personal growth is often a second attempt at childhood lessons that failed to stick. The following story is a case-in-point.

With nine people sharing a single bathroom, I was grateful for two things—my turn and hot water.  The hot water pipes in our little cape cod ran through the furnace instead of through a water tank which meant a continuous supply.  That was the good news.

Unfortunately, it also meant only one source of water (tap, toilet, shower) could be used at once. In-other-words, you couldn’t take a shower while someone else was trying to flush the toilet without expecting an icy blast or a scalding burn mid-shampoo.  It was just foolish thinking.

Even if you thought you had planned your timing perfectly, it was likely you would be met with surprise. You just never knew when a sibling (probably male) would barge in to use the facilities even while you were attempting to bath (in answer to those of you who were wondering how,  if there was only one bathroom, could the shower and toilet be employed at the same time – that’s how.)

Anyway, putting your efforts into a single task for a concentrated length of time (try a kitchen timer) really does make a difference in productivity.

Try it. It’s not foolish thinking.