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Non-Verbal Communication…a Hug!

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Why Confidenced is So Important


Confidence is often the first thing we notice about someone. We might think its body parts that get attention (and sometimes that’s true) but confidence has more impact.

Confidence is the energy that tells the world you are self-assured and self-reliant.

Confidence is not arrogance.  Arrogance is about self-importance whereas confidence is about making others feel important while retaining a high level of self-respect.

Entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and small business owners need a high level of confidence to succeed. A sense of overall confidence keeps you going when faced with challenges.

Confidence is having freedom from doubt…and that’s sweet!

5 Shortcuts to Make Travel Less Challenging

954283_sea_compass_2Travelers are always looking for ways to maximize their time and minimize annoyances.

Whether you’re new to  life-on-the-road or a seasoned pro I’ve discovered 5 shortcuts that make packing
easier and travel more enjoyable.

5 Shortcuts that Make Travel Less Challenging

  1. Keep a list or photos of your clothing and accessories. This will provide identification if luggage is lost or stolen. It also expedites packing for your next trip.
  1. Use the layer and nest method of packing. Limit colors—this eases the number of garments and shoes you need to pack and helps achieve a more pulled-together look. Pack shoes covered in flannel shoe mitts at the bottom of your bag (place the heaviest pair wheel-side) and along the seams. Place your toiletries bag or shave kit in the middle. Fill spaces with socks or rolled items. Cover these items with a cleaner bag. Start with trousers open and centered on the cleaner bag (the legs will be draped over the side.)  Layer garments inside and end by folding the trouser legs and the waistband over each other. Place a layer of tissue paper between your garments. This method keeps clothing wrinkle-free and prevents shifting. Place a cleaner bag on top as an added layer of protection from the elements and baggage malfunctions.
  1. Develop a capsule wardrobe plan—one that can travel between climates. Multi-city travel can easily involve a huge swing in weather and environments. Tropical weight wools travel well and layer easily. Women should pack a lightweight wrap in their carry-on luggage for cabin comfort and cool meeting rooms.
  1. Ask about terry robes—good hotels will provide them even if you aren’t staying on the executive or concierge floor.  Just ask.
  1. If you are staying in a business district, ask if a neighboring office building has a food court. You can find delightful food choices and save money.  Pack healthy cereal in individual baggies. Request a bowl and add fruit from the buffet table to cut fat and sugar.

Bonus tip—ask upfront for the best room. This works especially well for convention travel where you are booked into a block of rooms at a reduced rate. These rooms are often small and inconveniently located. Be assertive and polite. Appropriate humor helps.

Use these shortcut tips and you can boost the speed and enjoyment of your next trip—business or pleasure.

Success – Stop Everything!

dreamredflagSuccess rarely, if ever, follows a gentle path. It’s the pebbles and fissures on the road to success that keep us alert and force us to grow.

“The grape-she loves the struggle,” is how one vintner described what was needed to produce wine-worthy fruit.

He was referring to the arid soil of his vineyard that forced the vine to work a bit harder to flourish.

It’s when we encounter potholes large enough to house a family of five that the possibility for success seems unlikely if we continue along the same route. The bigger the challenges, the easier it is to succumb to the frustrations, overwhelms and disappointments as a sign to surrender.

And, occasionally that’s true.

So go ahead and surrender-but not Read more

Live Law of Attraction

Michael Losier’s book, Law of Attraction, gives a straightforward look at the science behind attrasos-button-b3jcting more of what you want in your life and less of what you don’t want.

Deliberate Attraction is a powerful force at work in your life whether you believe in or not. Whatever energy you put forth to the universe, through thought, words and feelings is what you’ll receive back into your life.

Losier says that if you find yourself attracting angry people, cranky customers, and stressful situations, you might want to consider what you are focusing on most of the time.

Good time for a little reality check. Are you anger, frustrated, cranky and stressed?

Do you want more clients, yet focus on your lack of customers?

Do you desire better communication with your spouse, partner, kids or business associates yet spend hours feeling anger or frustrated about those relationships?

Most of time, we are not conscious of our thoughts on an emotional level. And, the energy we send out is from those emotions.

Consider how frequently you go through a day with clenched fists, a tight jaw or raised shoulders without realizing it until someone makes a comment. The universe complies with your true feelings and gives you a headache and stiff neck, just as you requested.

Yes, your emotions and your body are connected. No mystery there. The Law of Attraction is like gravity, it’s always at work like it or not.

Wouldn’t it be powerful if you could tap into it and deliberately change your attractions? Losier provides some simple steps to help get you aligned.

Even if you don’t quite believe in it, consider Law of Attraction like any other belief. It might not be true but just in case it is you might as well take some precautions.

If you want to know more about living The Law of Attraction or attend a seminar go to Live Law of Attraction.com.

Less Stress–More Play! 5 Ways to Help Yourself

supertrooper070900024grass1So when was the last time you scolded yourself, stomped your foot and commanded with a pointed finger—GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY? Yes, I’m yelling. Play is essential to personal growth and quality of life, yet we play down its importance.
I’m talking to adults here (kids not getting enough unstructured play time is a whole other rant.) Play time is the perfect antidote to what ails many of us. Worry, apprehension, fuzzy thinking, sluggish body and lack of concentration can all be helped with a bit of creative fun. Not convinced? Consider these benefits:

Relieves Stress

There’s nothing like having your hands immersed in a hunk of clay (or earth if you’re a gardener) to foster a connection to your higher self. No time to meditate? Grab your gardening gloves or take a turn at the potter’s wheel.

These are the perfect play activities that allow for reflection and contemplation—two excellent stress relievers.

Alleviates Anxiety

Ever find yourself annoyed or angry with someone because you can’t get them to see your point-of-view? Anxiety builds when we feel as though we aren’t being heard. Sometimes we just can’t change things and our only option is to change our perception of the situation.

Play a little Twister® to get some perspective on your adversary’s position. Realizing your opponent can’t get their right foot on a green dot no matter which way they twist might just foster a little empathy. If nothing else it gets you laughing, another critical component of playtime that helps to alleviate anxiety.

Develops Focus and Concentration

Try something a bit adventurous. The thrill of not knowing what’s coming around the bend (no, I don’t mean your boss) develops a sense of discovery and inventiveness. Try hiking or camping or simply exploring a new neighborhood on your bike. Physical play forces you to pay attention and be present to what is happening in the now. When your attention is on what rock you’re going to put your foot on you’re not thinking about what to make for dinner.

Encourages Self-Expression

Whether you take a painting class or simply play a game of Pictionary®, expressing yourself enhances your creativity and maybe a talent you have neglected. Take piano lessons or attend a drum circle. Do it just for fun.

Enhances Problem Solving Skills

Checkers, chess, Scrabble® or Scattergories® will get your brain going in a different direction. Choose a game that is different than the kind of work you do all day. Enjoy the game and the challenge but if it pushes your anxious button pick up some crayons and paper and scribble instead.

If nothing else play is fun and we get too little of it. Yes, I know, studies show that more than half of the adult population plays video games. Somehow…it’s not quite the same.

Now—Go Play!