Three Words to Live By–Prosperous, Creative, Fulfilling

Prosperous creativeProsperous, creative, fulfilling. Three words I’ve chosen for this year. Three words to keep me on track no matter what project I’m immersed in.

Prosperous, creative, fulfilling.
Tacked to my magnetic board with glamorous shoe magnets, it’s the first sign (omen?) I see each morning as I power up my laptop.

Green, red, blue. Prosperous sports sturdy typeface in money green. Creative tickles my senses in Curlz MT–circus red, of course. Fulfilling is lofty in sky blue Ravie.

Practical. Expressive. Gratifying. On track. Off track. Start again. Ask the question. What can I produce that is creative, fulfilling and prosperous? Writing? On again. Off again.

Practical…yes and no. Expressive…yes and no. Gratifying…yes and no. Seems about right!

How about you? What’s your three words.

I’m off to write again.

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